Mt. Etna (Part II)

By Maddie and Haley

We woke up at 8AM and went down to the lobby to have breakfast. After breakfast we went to board the bus where we prepared for a long drive up to Mount Etna. During the ride, our volcanologist Salvo spoke to us about charting volcanoes and the history of Etna. Our first stop was in the woods and we went in a lava tube. It was a cave underground where lava had flowed in the past.

After that we got back on the bus and drove a little ways to go to our next hiking station. On our way we were surrounded by endless volcanic rock from a 2002 eruption from the active volcano. Our trail to walk was completely volcanic material and Salvo talked about the rocks and the buildings that were destroyed due to the close proximity, including a hotel with 48 rooms that was crushed by lava twice.


After that we rode up a little higher, and found picnic tables to have lunch. We went to a little vendor to get souvenirs after we ate. Then we rode up a little bit more and did the majority of the hiking for the day. We walked on spiny steep roads to see the four main craters.

After we hiked back down, with all of our collected lava rocks, we hopped on the bus and headed to see the birthplace of Etna, which was 45 minutes away. We saw the site and then we got granitas and brioche for a snack. We headed back to the hotel to swim in the pool. We played silent and it was really fun!! Then we went in to shower and go to another 3-course dinner in the hotel. After dinner, we did our picture competitions, badges, and team points. Finally, sleep was GREATLY needed, so we went straight to bed.