Day 9 – David and a trip to Murano


Cobblestone streets quickly transformed into beautiful waterways filled with gondolas and ferry boats as we made our way to Venice from Florence. We started off the day with a relaxing two hour train ride from Florence followed by a very satisfying lunch in small outdoor cafe in Venice. We then proceeded to a glassblowing demonstration where we all created our own glass mosaics using a variety of shattered glass pieces. Afterwards, we watched the real glassblowing masters at work as they sculpted intricate horses and vases from scalding hot slabs of glass. It was amazing to see how they were able to work with the glass and to truly understand the glassblowing process. After demonstrating, the glassblowing masters allowed each one of us to blow the scalding hot glass slab into a thin glass bubble using a long pipe. Christopher and Luke even got to hold the heavy pipes to get a real sense of the sheer strength that the job required. After about four hours in the glassblowing studio, everyone was about ready to finally drop off our luggage and head out for dinner. We eventually decided on a restaurant fairly close to the convent where we stuffed our faces with pasta and tiramisu, a perfect ending to a somewhat hectic travel day.

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