Day 8- Sculpture and Gastronomy: The Arts of Italy


Lucky for us we began the morning at a reasonable hour, then made our way towards the Academia.  Led by Allison and Chris we successfully arrived without getting too lost for once.  After making our way through security we entered the nave of the Academia, a former convent, and looked to our right to see the towering David statue done by Michelangelo.  After wandering around further, still waking up, we left the Academia and headed toward El Scuolo di Cocina.

The cooking school was located in Siena, a small town in Tuscany and therefore required an hour and a half trip by train.  Finally after a small snack we arrived at our cooking lesson at 2:00.  We began the process by starting a meat sauce of pork sausage, tomato, garlic and other spices.  The smell quickly became overwhelming especially when a tomato bread soup was being cooked only feet away.  Then the real fun began when we created the dough for the pasta.  After mixing two different types of flour we placed it on the cutting board, created a slight crater, added a pinch of salt and slowly mixed water into the dough.  Then we kneaded the dough into neat balls and set them under bowls to prevent a crust from forming.  Cutting away small slices we rolled the dough into interestingly shaped spaghetti varying in widths and lengths.  After finishing up the rolls of pasta the chefs in charge cooked the pasta for us and we got to enjoy a very good homemade Italian meal finished with Panna Cotta, a creamy sweet dessert.  Finally we made our way to the train station, caught an early train back to Florence and packed up our things so we could leave for Venice in the morning.

– Emmaline Herring

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