Day 5 – Galileo gizmos and gadgets


Goodbye Rome, Hello Florencre!

This morning we left our convent in Rome and started to make our way to the metro station.  Today was our easiest journey through the metro and we all made it off at the right stop, and we were all on the same train. Once we got off the metro at the train station we tried to find our way to the platforms. The train ride was nice and smooth and we played some word games.

The convent we are staying at is nice and some rooms have a view of the Duomo. But we couldn’t stay long because we had to find the Museo Galileo. The Museum was interesting and had gizmos and gadgets of Galileos time. We saw maps, sun dials, and models of what they thought the heavens looked like.

After the meuseum we split up for free time and lunch. Many of us went wandering and shopping in the streets and we are excited for the rest of the week.

Allison Young

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