Day 4 – Sunday mass and Ostia Antica


At the beginning of the day, about half of us decided to go to mass at Saint Peters Basilica. We had already seen the Basilica at night, but it was even prettier in the morning with the light streaming through the windows. The entire service was in Italian, but it was still an amazing experience to have. It was cool to see the universality of religion. There was a choir from a university in Italy that sang at the service and the music was very beautiful. Overall it was a wonderful start to our morning.

-Claire and Kendall

The other half of us decided to do something completely different: visit a castle, specifically the Castle of St. Angelo. Standing atop the castle’s balcony, we experienced the most amazing view of Rome any of us had ever seen. The castle was essentially a huge, multistory labyrinth to the point that, if not for the existence of several exit signs, we would have been lost, wandering through the impressive ornate rooms for hours in search of an egress. We then ventured out to the ancient port of Ostia Antica. It was a large area full of many structures to behold and explore. To help us find our way around, we used an audio tour from the wonderfully “helpful” Rick Steves. It truly was an amazing experience I will treasure for the rest of my days. To cap off our last day in the city, we dined once again at the Bonus Pastor. It was the perfect bookend for our stay, in addition to a delicious meal.


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  1. David Rezelman says:

    Both of those sound like amazing opportunities — I don’t know how I could have chosen between them! — dar

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