Day 3 – forum to the maximus


Buon giorno

Today was our last full day exploring the beautiful city of Rome. We started the day at 8:00 with breakfast in the convent. We hopped on the bus right outside the convent and got off at the Roman Forum. Listening to our Rick Steves audio tours we wandered around the ancient ruins of the city. From there we walked up Palatine Hill and observed the breathtaking view of Rome. We also viewed the Circus Maximus where we walked through the racetrack. On our way to lunch we stumbled across an AS Roma soccer store  where Luke and Chris (and Mr.Craig too) eagerly ran to buy their favorite players’ jersey. After the girls ( patienty) waited we all discovered a little place for lunch. The resturant had a nice room in the back where we all sat and enjoyed our meals of pizza and pastas.

Our next destination was the Pantheon. Outside it was full of people , but once we were inside we were amazed by the impressive architecture. Once again we listened to  an audio tour and crained our necks up towords the oculus , a massive open skylight. Down the street we walked into a lesser- known Roman church that was just as incredible as the famous, more well known churches. Finally, we broke off into small groups on our own and given 4 hours to explore around until dinner. During that time we ate gelato, drank expressos , saw  landmarks ( Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain and San Maria Basilica ) and also we went to stores and shopped. After all our activities, we took a crowed bus over to a restaurant near our convent. Tomorrow some of us will go to mass in St. Peter’s Basilica.

Ciao for now,

Kate Fowler & Kayla Kirven



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  1. Kay Honeycutt says:

    Enjoy each moment. Love you, Kate!!

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