Day 2 – the colosseum and the glass floor domus


While trying to overcome the struggle of jet lag, we packed ourselves into a bus and headed for the coliseum. Once we stepped off the the bus we were greeted by the Roman forum. Here we were able to sample a taste of all of Romes outstanding history. Within a quick 360 degree turn we were able to observe structures from ancient, Renaissance, and modern Rome. Once we reached the coliseum, we were immediately in awe of its radiance and beauty.  We were given a personal tour by Dr. Giorgio Monte, a professor at the local university. His passion and enthusiasm about his country were incredibly infectious. We then hiked through the narrow streets to a restaurant that was built underground. After stuffing our bellies with pasta, we continued our hike and made our way into one of the best gelato shops in the city. We later took a museum tour of one of the largest and most extravagant villas in ancient Rome. Unfortunately much of the villa was destroyed, but scientists were able to recreate the structure using a series of intricate laser lights. Finally, we hopped on a bus once again and had dinner with Dr. Giorgio to complete an amazing day.

-Chris Hornbuckle


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