Monthly Archives: December 2016

’17 Talk IR Theory

During our recent meeting, I took the ‘17s through the theories of international relations I have been teaching to the ‘20s for the past semester. I presented a quick “crash course” on realism, liberalism, and constructivism: the three primary lenses through which political scientists and policy makers view the behaviors of actors. Additionally, using instances provided in current events and recent history, I attempted to defend my thesis that current policy as it stands is out of touch with twenty first century realities, such as the growth of non-state actors and asymmetry in actors’ interactions.

 -Hallie Griffiths ’17

’17s Prep for IR Day

We, the International Relations Fellows, will be running International Relations day this year. Early on, it was decided we wanted the day to be similar to our DIME experience. Thus, Colonel Beattie and the 5 (maybe more) SMEs will be joining us again to share their insights and experience with the whole school. The ’17s and ’18s have brainstormed several ideas on how to make everything together. We have yet to finalize the schedule but are well on our way to making IR day fun and successful.

-Nico Moscoso ’17

’17’s Talk Cuba

On Tuesday, November 29th, the ’17s met to discuss the recent death of Fidel Castro. We first noted the different ways public leaders noted Castro’s death. We found President Obama’s to be most diplomatic and respectful while still not praising Castro. We also debated on Cuba’s geopolitical importance and how US policy might be toward the island moving forward.
-Nico Moscoso ’17