CCGL Host UVA’s Dr. Christine Mahoney

On Thursday 4 Feb, at our seasonal CCGL Leadership dinner, the Fellows met to listen to Dr. Christine Mahoney, a professor at the Frank Batten School in the University of Virginia. Dr. Mahoney taught us about social entrepreneurship and provided various examples of successful companies that employ social entrepreneurship. We learned about nonprofits and for-profits, and how the two types of organizations often act similarly to help the community around them. In addition, at the end of the presentation Dr. Mahoney gave us several valuable business models for establishing nonprofits. While learning about these important business models, we were also inspired by Dr. Mahoney to find our calling and commit to it, whatever it may be. Her talk left lasting impressions on us to generously serve our community as social entrepreneurs through developing successful nonprofit organizations and fundraising.  Thanks to Dr. Mahoney’s inspirational talk, we will carry these lessons with us as we grow and begin to assess our career options.

~ Jimmy Peccie ’18

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