’19s Focus on African Development

This past Friday, the ‘19s read “Africa’s Economic Boom: Why the Pessimists and the Optimists Are Both Right”, by Shantayanan Devarajan and Wolfgang Fengler in the latest edition of Foreign Affairs.  This article discussed Africa’s economic state and encouraged us to think about Africa’s trajectory for the future. We discussed  Africa’s success and challenges, such as corruption.  We pondered how the people and nations could break the trend of corruption and harness their success.  We discussed the role of foreign investors, their influence and the dependency on oil and commodities.  We concluding that Africa’s upward trends do not come from commodities alone and a balanced mix in the future will potential signal positive results. We discussed the background and job of the author to thus put the entire article and inclusion in Foreign Affairs into context.  

~Brammy Rajakumar

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