Class of 2019

Madeleine Munn ’19:

In my first year as a Global Health Fellow, I have started to learn much more about health on a global scale. This program so far has given me a beginner’s look at the true meaning of global health — even health in our own backyard. I am continuing to dive into the field of global health and am excited for my trip to Haiti soon. I cannot wait to see what this program has in store for me and my leadership skills.

I play field hockey and soccer for school, and field hockey outside of school as well. My favorite subject is English.


James Hood ’19:

I applied to the Global Health Fellows program, because I am very interested in science, especially biology, and the application of science towards helping others.  I feel as though the Global Health Fellows program offers me the best opportunities to truly make a difference in the lives of others through our relationship with a school in Clory, Haiti.  Inside the field of Global Health, I am especially interested in infectious disease and the effects the environment has on public health.  I play soccer, both for club and school, in the Fall, swim in the Winter, and run Track in the Spring with a focus on the 800m.  Outside of school I enjoy surfing, fishing, and playing soccer for my club team, the Hampton Roads Strikers.  Inside of school I strive to achieve high academic grades and forge positive relationships between myself and my teachers and fellow students.  I am especially interested the subjects of science and history.


Ray Fitzgerald ’19:

As Global Health Fellows, we look around the world at problems that need solving, and do the best we can to help. We mainly focus on Haiti, and we the ’19s are going this January to help out where we can, along with implementing projects that we and the older Fellows have been working on. Also, being a part of the Center for Civic and Global Leadership means a lot to me, inspiring me to lead myself along with my peers.  I am a year-round athlete, playing football, wrestling, and lacrosse. My father’s background in the military has inspired me to serve my country as he did, so I hope one day to join the Navy as a SEAL or a pilot. (In fact, I’ll be getting my pilot’s license this summer.)

I was inspired to join this program when I saw that kids my age were making a difference in the world. I was somewhat surprised by this finding; I had always believed that the program was more locally-ofocused, like a class, but my exposure to it in eight grade was eye-opening. I was particularly inspired on the first day Aneesh Dhawan explained his program, Feed a Friend. It made me realize that this program reached out and actually affected people’s lives, and that’s something I have always wanted to do.  Our program is just like family. I immediately knew I had made the right choice when I attended my first meeting as a Global Health Fellow.


Kara Kaufman ’19:

My being a Global Health Fellow has become one of the major priorities in my life. I am so excited to be able to impact people in my community, my country, and internationally. I know this program will help me find where I truly want to go with my life and help me grow into a leader.

Outside of the Fellows program, I love algebra and excel in writing. I am currently on the varsity field hockey team as a goalie, and I also play basketball and lacrosse as a goalie.


Ingrid Benkovitz ’19:

Last year, when given the opportunity to apply for Fellows programs, I knew that I would only apply to one — the one about which I felt truly passionate. The Global Health Fellows program called to me so greatly for a variety of reasons. I have always seen myself going into a medical profession and I love to be an active, hands-on problem solver. The Global Health Fellowship allows me to pursue exactly what I am interested in, while guiding me through the experience. The Center for Civic and Global Leadership (CCGL), which goes hand in hand with all the Fellows programs, has helped me to  learn that being a strong, confident leader and a unifying force requires more than a small, narrow view into one particular field.

Outside of the Fellows program, I am on the (state champion!) varsity tennis team, and I am looking forward to applying the leadership skills I learn from this program to my approach on the tennis court.


Andrew Thetford ‘19

As a first year, I have not had as much experience working in the global health field. However, through in and out of school activities, I have worked domestically in schools tutoring young children, helped out at a soup kitchen, and have gone on two mission trips out of state and will be going on another this upcoming summer. I joined the GHF’s because I wanted to be a part of a team that shared common goals of making a difference throughout the world and have enjoyed the program so much.  I’m looking forward to another three productive years full of changing the world with the best team out there.

My hobbies include indoor track, playing in and out of school lacrosse, playing the piano, and participating in my youth group on the weekends.

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