Class of 2018

Hunt Stockwell ’18:

So far, the Global Health Fellows program has been a very important part of my high school experience. I have been to Haiti twice with the program and both times are two of my best experiences of my entire life. Over the past year I have done a great deal of research about the possibility of bringing biochar, a clean, healthy alternative to charcoal to Clory, a rural village in Haiti’s Central Plateau, where we have worked in the past.


Claire Cunningham ’18:

After two trips to Haiti, I have become very interested in mental health in developing countries. Mental health does not receive as much attention from would-be Western donors, but depression and anxiety do not discriminate; they afflict the third world just as much as they do the first world. Outside of the Fellows program, I am a year-round lacrosse player and participate in the Winter Musical.


Elizabeth Heckard ’18:

Through the Global Health Fellows Program my interest in water sanitation continues to grow but I do not want to narrow my focus on one subject. My interest in this particular subject first blossomed after a needs assessment our group conducted last Thanksgiving in the small of village of Clory, Haiti. We later further analyzed our results and found that this town desperately needed clean water. After researching Bridget Dickinson (‘16), an older global health fellow, and I found the Biosand Filter. We later installed these filters this past summer and the experience of installing them was an experience I will never forget. One man thanked us and simply said that water is life. I am so thankful for all the experiences I receive through this program.

I am also intrigued by mental illnesses and would love to go into medicine some day. I also play field hockey and soccer at Norfolk Academy and I also play club field hockey outside of school.


Gabriella Diskin ’18: 

So far as a Global Health Fellow, I have focused on a hand washing. After conducting a needs assessment in Clory, a rural village in Haiti, I was interested in helping the school develop a handwashing system for their students. Two GHF 16’s and I developed a short but informative workshop to give to the teachers and designed a model of a handwashing station that is easy to use. The model did not work quite the way we wanted it to, but we recently received an email from the school’s leader with pictures of the children washing their hands in a different method. Outside of the Fellows program, I play violin and I am in the Norfolk Academy orchestra, along with an an orchestra outside of school called Bay Youth Orchestra. I also run cross country and row crew for the school. I volunteer at Sentara Hospital every week, because I am interested in becoming a doctor, which is one of the reasons that drew me to the Global Health program.


Lawson Montgomery ’18:

The Global Health Fellows program has granted me many opportunities to learn about the world around me. I have focused my research on fighting energy poverty in developing countries like Haiti (to which I have traveled twice now). After my first trip I saw a need for energy resources in the rural regions. Upon returning home, we gathered research and funds to purchase around 500 solar-powered lights which we in turn took back to Haiti to distribute to the students and families of rural communities. In the coming years, we hope to create a reliable, clean power grid for the villages. I enjoy many other aspects of school as well. My favorite subjects are Chemistry and History and hobbies that I enjoy include fly fishing, cooking, and traveling. I compete in Sailing, Indoor track, and Lacrosse for Norfolk Academy. The experiences in Haiti have been life changing and memorable. They have helped inspire me to follow a career in global medicine and care.


Olivia Newsome ’18:

I have very much enjoyed the experiences the Fellows program has afforded me. My specific interests in global health are women’s health and maternal health, both of which are rich with cultural and societal complexities. Outside of the Fellows program, I run track and am an avid reader.

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