Class of 2017

Ryan Fulmer ’17:

This past year I worked on and am still working on a project that will bring corn grinders to a farmers’ community in Clory, Haiti. I am currently in the process of tracking down a source to buy the corn grinders, hoping that I can buy them from somewhere in Haiti. I have made two trips to Haiti, and I became aware of this need after conducting a needs assessment there with other fellows during my second trip. I have also worked on a different project geared towards bringing solar panels to the school in that same community, but I had some trouble raising enough money. I am very interested in education in developing countries and extending opportunities to all, regardless of socioeconomic status. Outside of the Fellows program I also enjoy playing soccer, diving, and running track for the school varsity teams and also play year-round soccer for a local club team.


Justine Kaskel ’17:

As a Global Health Fellow, I have traveled to Haiti two times.  While in Haiti, my cohort and I were inspired to create a change in a small village in the Central Plateau.  With this desire to help in mind, I, along with my partner Brian Peccie a 2016 Global Health Fellow, conducted research in establishing a small chicken farm in the primary school of the village.  The vision is to educate children in responsibility as well as providing a small amount of protein in the children’s diet.  Although this project has not been implemented yet, I am currently working toward that goal for the future.


Helen Shaves ’17:

I developed an interest in clean fuel after a trip to Hinche, Haiti where, through a needs assessment survey, we discovered a severe lack of clean cooking practices due to a lack of resources. I am currently working on a project to provide briquette presses, kilns, and Biochar to a rural village in central Haiti.


Nathalie Danso ’17:

I am a junior in the Global Health Fellows. My specific interests in global health are sanitation and mobile health which I have been researching with my fellow GHF Olivia Newsome. I enjoy global health and I hope to continue studying it in college and beyond. Outside of GHF I run track, row and play the piano.


Graham Barbour ’17: 

When I joined the Global Health Fellows in ninth grade, I knew almost nothing about the topic. I just wanted to make a difference in the other’s lives. However, over my three years in the program, I have developed interests ranging from the Haiti’s demographics to the implementation of corn grinders in order to combat malnutrition and poverty in a rural village there as well. What I love most about this program is that our passions and interests can actually develop into real-life change. It has been incredible to be part of a group that challenges society’s preconceptions that only adults can make a real difference.
I am currently spending a year studying in Jordan, and this opportunity has opened my eyes to a plethora of global health and political issues which I previously knew little about. It’s different to read about struggles in foreign places than to actually see them first hand. For example, while most Americans know something about the Syrian refugee crisis, a much smaller amount have witnessed it. Living in Jordan has made me much more aware of the horrible reality of the situation because I’m not just reading about it, I am sitting next to a refugee in class, playing soccer with him after school, and sitting down to dinner every night with someone who has been affected by this tragedy. It feels real.

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