Class of 2016

Wyatt Miller ’16:

I originally applied to the Global Health Fellows program out of my interest in one day pursuing medicine, but now that I have learned much more about the other sectors of global health my interests have widened drastically. For one thing I found that I loved traveling in developing areas. As a Global Health Fellow (GHF), I have been able to travel through developing regions of Haiti and China. On my three trips to Haiti and one to China we avoided the tourist mindset and had much more fulfilling cultural experiences as a result. The program has also satisfied my intellectual pursuits. We have delved into complex case studies about international global health interventions, have read thought provoking books on the fight for health in the developing world, and have debated different ways that the global health problems of the world can be solved. My favorite book was called “Better” by Atul Gawande. He considered ways to improve performance in healthcare, and I have applied much of what I read to my own life. In terms of projects my most significant endeavors have been to research the prevalence of hypertension in the Central Plateau of Haiti and lead a hand-washing promotion campaign at the school of a small Haitian village called Clory. The hand-washing promotion campaign, currently running, included a curriculum based off of a hand-washing education project that our group had previously created for Operation Blessing International’s efforts in Peru. We also encouraged the school to build hand-washing stations for the specific use of hand-washing. Those stations have now been put in place. My hope for this program is that I have helped set meaningful precedents for the younger fellows to follow. Now I am acting as a mentor, and I am using that role to prep them to lead the hand-washing project or other similar projects in the future.


Aneesh Dhawan ‘16:

I am the president and CEO of two social ventures: Feed A Friend and Purpics. Feed A Friend is an organization which provides companies with social media marketing in return for a small monthly fee, which we donate to support local feeding programs. Since starting this organization in 2014, we have expanded to partner with 6 businesses. We have  90 high school members volunteering with Feed A Friend through two school clubs and 16 high school Feed A Friend ambassadors who help raise awareness through instagram. I began Purpics in the summer of 2015. Purpics is a platform which connects companies with high school students to raise funds for nonprofits. Through an Iphone application, students can post ads for local companies on instagram, raising money for nonprofits every time they receive a like. Students are rewarded with gift cards  for each picture they post. The application will be released in May of 2016.

I also enjoy traveling and have visited over 26 different countries. I love trying new things, leaving my comfort zone, and immersing myself in different cultures. I plan to study business and hope to continue working as a social entrepreneur.


Elizabeth Lilly ’16:

My intellectual interests regarding global health are dominated by an especial curiosity for anthropology and the cultural mechanisms of which we must be aware in implementing development projects. In the summer between my junior and senior year, I worked for six weeks as an intern in the communications office of Physicians for Peace, a Norfolk-based NGO.

Outside the Fellows program, I am a devoted humanist who loves to study literature, history, and languages. I have found my knowledge of French particularly useful in Haiti, a former French colony, and hope to continue speaking French in future development work in Africa. I plan to pursue a career in the law or public policy — hopefully one that allows me to see much of the world and its many cultures and peoples.


Stuart Luter ’16:

I am particularly interested in women’s health and education. Over the past four years I have designed a Women’s Empowerment Curriculum geared towards young Haitian girls ages 12 to 16. The goal of the curriculum is to empower girls through education, encouraging them to stay in school rather than dropping out of school at young ages due to pregnancy. I spent 5 weeks in Haiti this past summer co-teaching my curriculum with two Haitian women to 41 Haitian girls. This coming year, my two co-teachers will teach the curriculum in four different locations to 100 different girls throughout the central plateau of Haiti. Ultimately, my hope is that the curriculum will continue to expand, reaching as many girls as possible.

Beyond women’s health and education, I am also interested in studying mental health in developing countries, a topic I plan to research for my senior speech this spring. Outside of the fellows program, I play tennis and soccer and volunteer in my local community. I enjoy studying math, science, and Spanish. My biggest passion, however, is traveling. I love stepping outside of my comfort zone and experiencing the various cultures around the world.


Bridget Dickinson ‘16:

I am especially interested in infectious disease and water sanitation. One of the things that sparked my interest was that there are diseases in the world that are curable and preventable such as tuberculosis. Tuberculosis kills millions of people every year although there has been vaccines and treatment methods available for year. Likewise with malaria, thousands of people die per year from this disease. I have researched both treatment and prevention methods for malaria ranging from rapid diagnostic testing to bed nets. During our second visit to Haiti, I purchased over 300 bed nets in the local market and distributed them on the Midwives For Haiti mobile clinic to pregnant women. On our last trip to Haiti, I implemented a water sanitation project in Clory with Elizabeth Heckard (GHF ‘18). Partnering with Hands Helping Haiti, we implemented 30 biosand filters and educated the families on how to use them. We were able to GPS locate where the filters are in the community for future visits to the community. Hopefully, these filters will be a long-term solution for water treatment.

Outside of the fellow’s program, I am a member of the tennis and lacrosse teams and enjoy running. Also, I am involved in several clubs and student council at Norfolk Academy. During the past two summers, I worked at Virginia Eye Consultants as a clinic support specialist. In the future, I hope to become a doctor and continue to study global health.


Brian Peccie ‘16:

In my three trips to Haiti, I have researched food security and malnutrition and have assisted Wyatt Miller (GHF ‘16)  in developing a handwashing promotion campaign and the construction of handwashing stations at the school in Clory. I have also been working with Justine Kaskel (GHF ‘17) in hopes of one day establishing a community chicken farm for the school to increase protein levels in the students’ diets. Besides food security and sanitation, some of my other global health fields of interests include traffic safety and medicine, specifically orthopedics.
Outside of the Fellows Program I currently serve as the Chairman of the Upper School Honor Council and am a member of the varsity soccer, basketball, and golf teams. I will be attending Washington and Lee University next year.

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