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Berlin Day II

Day II – Our City Tour took us to all the sights: Brandenburg Gate, the wall, Olympic Stadium, Reichstag, Holocaust Memorial, and Sans Souci.

Checkpoint Carlie

Sans Souci, Summer palace of Frederick The Great

The Reichstag, seat of Germany’s Parliament

Holocaust Memorial

Brandenburg Gate

The Wall

Checkpoint Carlie

Berlin – Day I

We left for Berlin this morning, being pelted by heavy rains. The closer we got, however, the more the weather improved. Along the way, we stopped at the old East West order crossing at Marienborn. Perhaps nothing epitomised the Cold War and the division of Europe better than this location, the “iron curtain.”


Thursday afternoon took us to the Ketterwald, a ropes challenge course in the trees. Despite a couple of showers, we had a great afternoon! Stay tuned – I will try to put together a video of the afternoon and post it here.

Museumsdorf Cloppenburg

Museumsdorf Cloppenburg, an open-air museum near Löningen, documents rural life in the 18th and 19th century in northwestern Germany. The founders, beginning in the 1930’s, dismantled these old structures before they were lost to time, relocating and rebuilding them on their present site. Life was very hard for most – not enough food, too much disease, and very high mortality rate. Only the land owners, the rich few, had enough land to make ends meet. The others had few good options – try to survive, marry well, or go to America. We were able to make connections to our experience at the Auswandererhaus in Bremerhaven.

18th Farmhouse (of a rich farmer)

Museumsdorf – village church in background

A College Visit and a Bike Ride

We left on Friday morning, 8:00 am, for a college visit in Oldenburg.  We spent most of the day with our German partners attending lectures, presentations, and information sessions for those interested in attending this recognized university.  We arrived back at Copernicus Gymnasium at about 3:00 o’clock and saddled up for our 25-kilometer bike ride through the villages and countryside.  It all culminated in a wonderful cook-out at the home of the Albers Family.  What a great day!

Official School Welcome

We had the official welcome at school this morning. Lots of smiles and lots of applause! Each of our students stood up and introduced him or herself in German and added a couple of “fun facts.“ So…, public speaking in another country in another language…,kind of makes the senior speech look easy! You can see more here:

Day Trip to Bremerhaven und Bremen

Bremen, Market Square Panorama

We spent the day in Bremerhaven and Bremen. Bremerhaven is the site of the emigration museum. Over 7 million Europeans (most of them Germans) emigrated to the Americas from Bremen. The museum gives the visitor a feeling for what that experience might have felt like. After Bremerhaven, we spent the afternoon in Bremen, a member city of the Hanseatic League, an organization of cities that fostered trade and helped bring the Middle Ages to an end in northern Germany.

Arrival in Bremerhaus

Getting ready to board.

Last-minute checklist before boarding for America

Ready to board. Patrick is the only one smiling.

Last call for boarding.

In Bremen for city tour

With our tour guide in Bremen.


Making a wish at the statue of the Bremen Town Musicians

On the steps of City Hall in Bremen.

I hope this wish comes true.

So many wishes!

Another wish.

Legend has it that you can make a wish at the statue of the Bremen Town Musicians. (It’s a fairytale.)


Arrival in Löningen

It’s been a long day(s) of travel, but everyone held up just fine. Here we are with our welcoming party in Löningen, and it’s a beautiful day!

Greetings from CGL!

Greetings from Löningen

Some days are better than others!

We’re here!