Köln and Wiesbaden (Colin Dowd)

Tuesday, June 27

Today we said goodbye to our host families and friends from Löningen and embarked on our five day travel around Germany. It was very hard to leave and I think everyone wanted to stay, but we all knew that we had to see what other adventures lie ahead of us around Germany. We all built great relationships with our German friends and many of us are already planning trips back to Löningen next summer or planning to host a friend or two in America again. A 40 minute bus ride took us to Köln where we explored the Kölner Dom and many of us climbed all the way to the top of the Cathedral. We had a photo contest to see who could take the photo that inspired the most “awe” and Rio won, claiming a free ice cream sponsored by Herr Mogen and Ms. Marshall. Then we had a longer bus ride to Wiesbaden where we stayed the night in a Youth hostel. But before we went to bed we had dinner as a group and then took a walk around the city and stopped at an Eiscafe to get some ice cream. On our walk back we stopped at a fountain that got its water from a hot spring. There were signs saying you could drink the water, the only problem was it was boiling hot! We also had a little fun on a merry-go-round we found at a playground next to the fountain. Finally we walked back to the hotel and concluded our day with a hot, but much needed sleep.

~ Colin Dowd

Atop the Kölner Dom
Pyramid fail in Wiesbaden.