Geese, Bread and Windmills at the Museumsdorf Cloppenburg (Rio Ciuffo)

Thursday, June 20

We met our tour guide at the front of Museumsdorf in Cloppenburg, a museum of 17th and 18th century style farms. We began walking along a path until we reached the first building we would explore. It was a medium sized farm and inside was where the animals and humans would live. We learned about the daily life and hardships the people of this time went through and how they kept everything running smoothly. Next we visited a smaller farm, which was similar to the previous one, then visited a church, school, big sized farm, and windmill. They all served an important purpose for the town. As we were walking we also ran into some wildlife including geese and sheep which were very cute. After the tour we went to the playground and had a blast sliding down the slide and playing on the see-saw with some German friends we made! Lastly, we went to the bakery for some freshly baked bread… it was delicious!

~ Rio Ciuffo

Vor der Windmühle.
Kühe mit Windmühle.
Wir lieben Brot!