Moin! Viele Gruße von Deutschland. While we’ve been here, the famed Schützenfest has taken place. In Germany, it’s often referred to as the fifth season: summer, winter, spring, fall, and Schützenfest. It’s a tradition that has taken place for hundreds of years in many towns in Germany. The fest is centered around a shooting competition, and traditionally the shooters, or “Schützen” target a wooden eagle. There are points awarded for hitting certain parts of the bird, and at the end a “Konig” is named. Every ten years, there is also a “Kaiser” or a king of the kings. This Schützenfest we were fortunate to be present for a Kaiser year. We have been to the Schützenfest in Essen, a town very close to Löningen, where our host school is. The Germans are excellent shots, and the whole weekend is one big party for namely Essen and other small towns nearby. Most towns have a Schützenfest at some point in the summer. The Schützen also have a parade from the market place to the Schützenplatz. The photos shown here display the parade. Schützenfest is absolutely incredible, and provides an excellent time to meet many of the people throughout the town. Overall, we’ve been having a great time.

Liebe Gruße,

Hans Christoffersen