Things are not as they seem.

We’re all a little crazy on the inside, and Amanda’s description captures this so perfectly.  Read the rest of Amanda’s wonderful story in 5D’s collection, “Wait.  This is not a Fairy Tale”: Stories from 5D, which was published on November 1st.  You can access their entire collection under the Catapult Press Imprints tab at the top of the site!

All in the world did not seem to matter anymore…

We LOVE the way Ella describes her character’s first glimpse of the giant tortoises of the Galapagos Islands.  And could we mention that she tells the story from the point of view of a naturalist’s dog?  Read Ella’s amazing story in “Wait.  This is not a Fairytale”: stories by 5D, which was published by their own imprint, Boulder Books on November 1st.  You can check out a copy in the Cooper Library!

Wait. This is not a fairy tale.

We love the opening lines of Carson’s short story!  Carson’s work will be published in 5D’s collection of short stories, which will be released on November 1st through The General Story.  5D designed their own imprint, Boulder Books, to publish their collection.  We can’t wait to read it!