Group prepares for spring break departure

Our 2017-2018 Short-Term French Exchange group is gearing up for their upcoming departure for Paris! The group met on Thursday, February 15 to craft some “Group Goals” and “Daily Leadership Roles” for their upcoming experience abroad:

Group Goals:

  1. Speak French! (commit to speaking at least 30 min/day with NA friends on top of communicating in French with St. Do friends and hosts)
  2. Try new things/Get out of comfort zone (eat new foods)
  3. Improve photography skills (Rob)
  4. Meet new people (open up to NA classmates; connect with corres and host family)
  5. Focus on being present (End snapchat streaks!)
  6. Document and reflect on experience throughout (photos; daily journal)
  7. Become a better and more confident traveler

Daily Student Leadership Roles:

  1. Leader of the Day
  2. Caboose
  3. Navigator
  4. Scribe/Blogger
  5. Camel
  6. “Mute” Button / Crowd Control
  7. Photographer
  8. Tweeter
  9. Translator

Follow along on their adventure abroad March 3-18 here on the blog and on our International Programs Twitter feed!