La Tour Eiffel!

Written by Scarlett Baughman ’19 to recount Tuesday, March 14, 2017:


Today we went to la Tour Eiffel, and it was amazing!! We arrived early so we were able to have some free time to wander just beneath the tower. Most people bought gifts or little souvenirs, I, on the other hand, bought french fries and hot chocolate (along with Faith), and who needs a mini Eiffel Tower, when you can eat?! Once we regrouped we entered and went though the millionth security check, we went up the tower in the elevator. When we got to the top, the view was from another world. It was so gorgeous; I can’t think of anything even remotely comparable. Any and every time I see a view of Paris, I’m stunned by the beautiful old buildings and many narrow alleys. It was windy and kind of cold, but the view and the atmosphere up there makes it all worth it. When we went down, a few of us waited in the line for the lift (including myself), while the rest went down the stairs. When we got downstairs (before the walkers, just in case you were wondering), I bought more fries and hot chocolate as it was cold, and I’m always hungry. Plus, they were genuinely the most amazing french fries I have ever eaten. So should you find yourself under the Eiffel Tower, get some fries!! You can thank me later.