From Normandy to Paris

Today’s post, written by Clay Benjack ’18, recounts Tuesday, March 7, 2017:

After a relatively short bus ride, we arrived at Les Sables d’Asnelles, a small, quaint bakery in a town of Normandy. Once there, we learned the history of the town’s delicacy: les sables. These are cookies covered with butter and sugar. We were able to get a behind-the-scenes look at how they are made through the chef at the bakery. He also allowed us to cut our own sables, which we then proceeded to heat and eat. After eating these delicious cookies and thanking the chef, we hopped back on the bus and rode to La Ferme de Billy, a family cider business.

     Here we learned all about the process of how to make apple cider as well as juice. We toured the orchard as well as an ancient, yet beautiful chapel right in the middle of the property. After this, we got to taste two different types of delicious apple juice and decadent caramel. When this was over, we jumped back on the bus and drove to Paris where we met up with our exchange students at St. Do. After catching up, they took us back to their houses for a relaxing start of the Paris portion of our trip.