Meet the Fellows!


Mrs. Erika Newland

Erika Newland is a graduate of Bates College in Maine. During her undergraduate experience, she also pursued off-campus educational opportunities at the Duke University Marine Laboratory in Beaufort, North Carolina. After receiving her B.S. in Biology, Ms. Newland went on to receive her Masters of Science in Marine Science from North Carolina State University, where she built and analyzed mathematical models of marine ecosystems.  Ms. Newland’s passion for design and engineering developed during her graduate education, as she explored the potential for statsical design and data anayltics to affect environmental and  social change. Following her graduate work, Ms. Newland served as the lead teacher Sanibel Sea School and conducted statistical analysis and quality metric monitoring in the health insurance industry before coming to Norfolk Academy in 2013.  Ms. Newland teaches sixth grade math and serves as Director of Design, Engineering, and Innovation Fellows.

Mr. Gregory Barton

Mr. Barton is a graduate of Washington and Lee University, where he was a three-year starter on the varsity football team. Mr. Barton completed a double major in art history and studio art with a concentration in sculpture and also served on the Washington and Lee University Executive Committee, the university’s honor council and student governing body. Before coming to Norfolk Academy, Mr. Barton spent two summers as an intern in New York City, working in a gallery and helping to create the Harvest Dome, an architectural installation on the Hudson River made of recycled materials.


Class of 2019 Fellows
Patrick McElroy
Kevin Smedely
Nathan Williams
Sebastian Singh
Connor Holland
Frances Harrington

Class of 2020 Fellows
Maguire McMahon
Nikolas Yanek
Leah Smith
Lauren Beckman
Sarah Haugh