Silicon Valley 2019 Summer Experience – Stanford’s GPS Lab and The Tech Museum – Post by AJ Keels

On Wednesday, July 17, the EDI Fellows set out on a visit to a professor at Stanford University. At around 10:30 we all met with Mr. Lo, a professor specializing in GPS. Mr. Lo and his students work on different parts of the Global Positioning System, or GPS. Some students specialize in attempting to fix the security problems in GPS. One potential problem with GPS is that anyone can send out a false satellite reading to customers and cause a person to go to a false location. The student working on this problem is working on software to fish out where exactly this satellite reading is coming from and how to stop the person that is sending the false readings. We also learned that the GPS chips in our phones are smaller than our fingernails and cost just a dollar. Mr. Lo taught us a lot of interesting facts that we did not know about GPS. We ended our meeting with Mr. Lo with a nice group picture and a walk to the beautiful Stanford Memorial Church. After our meeting, the group took a walk to the Hoover Tower that gave us an opportunity to see the campus at a nice height.  

After a thirty-minute pit stop for lunch, the group went to The Tech Museum of Innovation. This was a nice way to interact with the activities. The favorite exhibit amongst the fellows was the cyber detective exhibit. This exhibit included an escape room that only took around 20 minutes. While the museum was fun and interactive, it was a great addition to the trip. 

Post by AJ Keels EDI’21