Silicon Valley 2019 EDI Summer Experience – Citrine Informatics and Autodesk Gallery – By Charlie Walker

On Tuesday, the second day of our California trip, we continued to meet up with different companies and perform different activities. On this day, we met up with Greg Mulholland, the CEO of Citrine Informatics. His company develops new products and materials, which provide simpler and more effective solutions to some of the modern problems of engineering. In our meeting, we asked him questions pertaining to his pre-business life such as: “What helped you the most in the making of this company?” and “When did you decide you want to take this career path?” Additionally, we learned about some of the companies, with which Citrine partners, such as Mazda, Boeing, and Hyundai. Citrine also works with many smaller companies. As a group, I believe we learned a lot of useful information in the form of entrepreneurial and engineering insight.

Greg Mulholland with the 2020 and 2021 EDI Fellows

Our second stop of the day was a tour of the Autodesk Gallery. During the second half of the Autodesk gallery, we observed many of the company’s projects and innovations such as a smoker which includes a USB port for a phone charger, a new plane model which is made of mostly see-through material, 3D-printed shoes, and finally, a driving simulator. We spent most of the time at the gallery driving the simulator. Each of us were able to try once. The simulator program was constructed from a scan of an entire real-life race course and programming the cars to handle and perform as their real-life counterparts. Because of this as well as our lack of knowing how to drive in a race, all but one of us ended up finishing in last place.

Post by Charlie Walker EDI’21