Completed Project – Lego Table for the Barrier Islands Center – Post by Stinson Moss EDI’22

From left to right, Nicholas Rose, Kai Wang, and Stinson Moss with their completed lego table. The design included lego compatible tiles, storage space, and consideration of weight. Here the EDI Fellows and the table are pictured in the attic of the Barrier Islands Center, where the Lego Table will be kept.

The Lego Table was a success! The hard work put into the table has reflected on the final product; It’s bigger, holds storage for legos, and most importantly, inviting to children. Although the Lego Team faced many obstacles, they stayed compelled to their task and persevered through the trials and tribulations placed before them. Kai, Nicholas and Stinson have successfully built an innovated lego table for the Barrier Islands Center. We all can’t wait to see little children gathered around playing with their Legos. It will be fantastic!

Kai Wang (foreground) is pictured here working on the Lego Table.