Completed Project – Bench for Barrier Islands Center – Post by James Wilson EDI’22

From left to right, Foster Kimple, David Smythe, and James Wilson on the completed build of their bench design.

We have now finished the 2×4 bench and it has been a resounding success. We have just finished the final coat of stain and it is ready to give it to the Barrier Island Center. The bench is very sturdy and comfortably fits four people. Since the last bench blog post, we cut the 2x4s into our predesigned lengths and angles. We have completely screwed the bench together and stained the whole bench in a light grey color to match with the area. We call our bench ‘the Man Bench’ and are excited to give it to the Barrier Island Center in honor of Art Schwarzschild.

From left to right, David Smythe, Foster Kimple, and James Wilson on their completed bench placed next to the Fossil Pit at the Barrier Islands Center, VA.