2022 Summer Experience – Discussion of The Ten Faces of Innovation by Tom Kelley – Post by David Symthe

Pictured from left to right, James Wilson, Nicholas Rose, David Symthe, Foster Kimple, Kai Wang, and Stinson Moss, is the 2022 cohort of the EDI Fellows at Norfolk Academy, VA.

One of the first things our cohort did when we got to the Kiptopeke lodge was discuss the book The 10 Faces of Innovation by Tom Kelley. The 10 Faces of Innovation describes the 10 most common personalities amongst innovators. These personalities include the experimenter, the hurdler, the cross pollinator, the organizer, and many more.

Prior to the trip, each of us were tasked with picking 1 personality we identified with and 1 we wanted to be more like in the future, and then we wrote 1 paragraph about each. During our discussion we each shared the 2 faces of innovation we wrote about. In our group many people identified as either a hurdler or an experimenter and wanted to be more like a caregiver or an anthropologist. Also, we discussed the importance of bringing every different personality to the table when working on a project and how implementing all 10 of the faces of innovation can bring about great results.