Pre-Engineering at Kent: EDI Fellows 2020 Summer Experience, Day 5

The Engineering, Design, and Innovation Fellows 2020 cohort traveled  to Kent, CT to participate in the pre-Engineering Summer Educational Experience at Kent School program and to engage in Center for Civic and Global Leadership and EDI-specific leadership and teamwork programming.  

Blog post by Leah Smith, ’20

Friday was a very eventful day, which started off with a presentation to parents on what we had done this week. Then, we all participated in the VEX robot competition, of which Nik and Lauren’s alliance won. After that, we rounded the camp off with a hearty lunch and left for good to Hartford. At Hartford, we visited the Connecticut Science Museum in leu of waiting at the airport for five hours. Our first flight went splendidly, and though our second flight was delayed, it still went quite well. After a final meeting, we all returned home.