Temporary Administrative Office Locations

The May Building has emptied, and the administration has moved to new offices around campus. Here are the temporary locations of people you may need this summer.

Headmaster’s Office: Mr. Manning is now in a transformed dance studio space on the hall in the Grandy Building between Admissions and the Johnson Theater.

Reception Desk: The receptionists have relocated to the lobby of Price Auditorium.

Breakthrough at Norfolk Academy and Summer at the Academy

  • The Breakthrough Program will operate in the Upper School this summer.
  • Summer at the Academy will be in the Lower School as always, and the main desk (Helen Younce, Pat Hume, Tricia Affronti) will remain in the LS Lobby.

Business Offices are in Batten Library:

  • Jeff Martin is in the Librarian’s Room (Mark Grochmal’s old office on the second floor)
  • Shelly Fulmer and Tyler Caskill are in the Marshall Study Room on the second floor.
  • Stewart Howard is in the room with the seal on the window (the John Lucian Smith room).
  • Kim Yager and Susan Gall are in the Markham Study Room on the second floor.
  • Pat Jennings is in the room downstairs behind the copying machine.
  • Joan Williams is in the Dandalides Room, also on the second floor.

Other Relocations:

  • Graham Hudgins is in an office along the back wall of the Burroughs Gym. His sign is on the door.
  • Chris Nelson is using his classroom as an office.
  • Mark Grochmal is in the office across from Rob Fleenor on the second floor of Batten.
  • Ray Bousman is in the Fine Arts office area.
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