Letter from Mr. Manning, February 25, 2016

Dear Norfolk Academy Family,

As you’ve seen with our new turf fields at the front of the campus, the Home of the Bulldogs is undergoing some renovation and expansion! I want to make you aware of what will unfold in the weeks ahead. This will be the first of several updates to keep our community apprised of the changes taking place on our campus. Some work will begin just before Spring Break with site preparation around the May Building. As I mentioned in my remarks this fall during Parents’ Nights, a transformational, two-story student center will be built at the heart of our campus, precisely where the May Building now stands, and the Refectory will be expanded and upgraded.

In order to accomplish these complex projects on schedule, we cannot wait until summer—we must begin some preparatory work this spring. In fact, this early work is likely to add an element of intense curiosity to our learning environment as the projects unfold. The site preparation will require our students and faculty, particularly those in Lower and Middle Schools, to adopt some new routines. Some of the fields behind the school, which are currently used for recess, will be fenced off for construction equipment and materials; the playground and swings will remain open. Travel routes to the Refectory and the pool may be a bit longer, as some heavily-used sidewalks will be blocked off. The bookstore will operate as usual, but since students may not be able to reach it quickly, a satellite Snack Shop for Middle and Upper School students will be open during break periods. Expect to hear some stories from your children about these developments animating their school routines.

Student safety, of course, is always our top priority. Whiting-Turner, a national leader in the construction industry, has extensive experience completing construction projects at independent schools and colleges while school is in session. In fact, their expertise and exceptional safety record offered compelling reasons for their selection. To put it simply, we are confident in our ability to provide a completely safe environment for everyone on our campus.

As we begin the spring athletic season, we are putting the finishing touches on the new turf field for football and lacrosse. Over the summer, even as Summer at the Academy swings fully into gear (with several new camps—registration available now), we will be making steady and exciting progress on this transformation at the heart of the campus. Regular construction updates will appear on our website.

I could not be more enthusiastic about these projects, or more grateful to the Norfolk Academy family for your devotion to this school.

Yours sincerely,

Dennis G. Manning

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