Temporary Administrative Office Locations

The May Building has emptied, and the administration has moved to new offices around campus. Here are the temporary locations of people you may need this summer.

Headmaster’s Office: Mr. Manning is now in a transformed dance studio space on the hall in the Grandy Building between Admissions and the Johnson Theater.

Reception Desk: The receptionists have relocated to the lobby of Price Auditorium.

Breakthrough at Norfolk Academy and Summer at the Academy

  • The Breakthrough Program will operate in the Upper School this summer.
  • Summer at the Academy will be in the Lower School as always, and the main desk (Helen Younce, Pat Hume, Tricia Affronti) will remain in the LS Lobby.

Business Offices are in Batten Library:

  • Jeff Martin is in the Librarian’s Room (Mark Grochmal’s old office on the second floor)
  • Shelly Fulmer and Tyler Caskill are in the Marshall Study Room on the second floor.
  • Stewart Howard is in the room with the seal on the window (the John Lucian Smith room).
  • Kim Yager and Susan Gall are in the Markham Study Room on the second floor.
  • Pat Jennings is in the room downstairs behind the copying machine.
  • Joan Williams is in the Dandalides Room, also on the second floor.

Other Relocations:

  • Graham Hudgins is in an office along the back wall of the Burroughs Gym. His sign is on the door.
  • Chris Nelson is using his classroom as an office.
  • Mark Grochmal is in the office across from Rob Fleenor on the second floor of Batten.
  • Ray Bousman is in the Fine Arts office area.
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The Massey Leadership Center

The Norfolk Academy Board of Trustees is proud to announce that the new facility being constructed in the center of campus will be officially named the “James Buckner Massey Jr. Leadership Center.” Mr. Massey was Headmaster from 1950 to 1978, an extraordinary 28-year tenure, and he led the school’s transformation from a fledgling boys’ school to a nationally-recognized, co-educational day school.

Dr. Thomas A. Alberico, President of the Board of Trustees, made the formal announcement of the naming of the Massey Leadership Center at a May 1 dinner recognizing early leaders of the upcoming capital campaign. Headmaster Dennis G. Manning read the inscription that will be on a plaque to be installed in the new center. The evening included remarks by Mr. Glenn A. Youngkin ’85, President and Chief Operating Officer of The Carlyle Group; Academy seniors Miss Stuart G. Luter and Mr. Pablo Vasquez Paramo, both Fellows in the Center for Civic and Global Leadership (CCGL); and faculty member Toy D. Savage, III ’71. Mr. John O. “Dubby” Wynne ’63, Chairman of the Board of the Hampton Roads Community Foundation and retired President and CEO of Landmark Communications, spoke of the central role Mr. Massey had played in shaping his life’s arc – “He saw in me something I had never seen in myself.” Finally, Mr. Massey’s son, the Honorable Joseph P. Massey ’69, Chief Judge of the Norfolk Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court, thanked the school on behalf of the entire Massey family.

Mr. Massey’s imprint upon this school is every bit as distinct and present as it was the day he stepped down. Mr. Massey lived by the precept that each student should acquire the disposition to “accept hard work as a normal part of life.” Further, under his direction Norfolk Academy had as one of its fundamental principles the preparation for students to “discharge unfailingly their responsibilities” in service to others and to their communities. The roster of Norfolk Academy graduates who are civic, social, and business leaders in Hampton Roads and around the world is proof that Mr. Massey and the school were successful in meeting these goals.

Work on utilities to supply the new facility began in March, with heavier construction to follow this summer. The Massey Leadership Center will provide offices and meeting rooms for student leadership programs, such as the CCGL and service-oriented clubs, as well as space for International Programs and administrative offices.

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Midway Move and Walkway Blocked

The Midway has changed location this year.  Rides and games will be on the fields at the front of school.

The Lyons Walkway between the Pit and the Lower School is closed.  To access the Pit area from the Lower School, please walk in front of the Johnson Theater.


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New Routes for Entering and Exiting the Middle School

On Monday, May 2, the covered walkway from the Middle School to the refectory will be closed, and the doors to the Middle School will be blocked.  Middle School students will reach the Refectory and the front of school by walking along the back of the May Building and through the Upper School.  The May Building door on the refectory side will be closed but the door near the Batten Library and the back doors will remain in use.
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Aerial Photos

Enjoy these aerial photos taken by Whiting-Turner.

10393-093  The stadium turf field and track


10393-080  The entire campus showing both turf fields

10393-086  The Bulldog Bookstore

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And so it begins…

Whiting-Turner is no longer working behind the scenes! Fences have been installed, and the students have quickly adapted to the new traffic patterns. We anticipate the affected areas remaining the same until Friday, April 22.

Pit fence 2

bookstore fence

pop up bookstore 2

A few notes about Stage 1:

  • The Lyons Walkway between the Pit and the Lower School is closed. The door to the Middle School on the Walkway is not accessible.  To reach the Middle School quickly, enter the campus through the arch and ​proceed through the Middle School door adjacent to the May Building.
  • The Bulldog Bookstore is open from 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. daily.
  •  A pop-up bookstore with snacks and drinks will be open daily during MS and US breaks, 10:00 – 11:00 a.m.

As always the safety of our students remains our top priority, and we are profoundly grateful for your support of Norfolk Academy.

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Letter from Mr. Manning, February 25, 2016

Dear Norfolk Academy Family,

As you’ve seen with our new turf fields at the front of the campus, the Home of the Bulldogs is undergoing some renovation and expansion! I want to make you aware of what will unfold in the weeks ahead. This will be the first of several updates to keep our community apprised of the changes taking place on our campus. Some work will begin just before Spring Break with site preparation around the May Building. As I mentioned in my remarks this fall during Parents’ Nights, a transformational, two-story student center will be built at the heart of our campus, precisely where the May Building now stands, and the Refectory will be expanded and upgraded.

In order to accomplish these complex projects on schedule, we cannot wait until summer—we must begin some preparatory work this spring. In fact, this early work is likely to add an element of intense curiosity to our learning environment as the projects unfold. The site preparation will require our students and faculty, particularly those in Lower and Middle Schools, to adopt some new routines. Some of the fields behind the school, which are currently used for recess, will be fenced off for construction equipment and materials; the playground and swings will remain open. Travel routes to the Refectory and the pool may be a bit longer, as some heavily-used sidewalks will be blocked off. The bookstore will operate as usual, but since students may not be able to reach it quickly, a satellite Snack Shop for Middle and Upper School students will be open during break periods. Expect to hear some stories from your children about these developments animating their school routines.

Student safety, of course, is always our top priority. Whiting-Turner, a national leader in the construction industry, has extensive experience completing construction projects at independent schools and colleges while school is in session. In fact, their expertise and exceptional safety record offered compelling reasons for their selection. To put it simply, we are confident in our ability to provide a completely safe environment for everyone on our campus.

As we begin the spring athletic season, we are putting the finishing touches on the new turf field for football and lacrosse. Over the summer, even as Summer at the Academy swings fully into gear (with several new camps—registration available now), we will be making steady and exciting progress on this transformation at the heart of the campus. Regular construction updates will appear on our website.

I could not be more enthusiastic about these projects, or more grateful to the Norfolk Academy family for your devotion to this school.

Yours sincerely,

Dennis G. Manning

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More Bulldozers

Dear Norfolk Academy Family,

The bulldozers are back! As we wrapped up the fall athletic season with a state-of-the-art turf field at the front of the campus, we immediately embarked on the next phase of athletic improvements. The football field—which went from grass to mounds of dirt in just over a week—will emerge by spring as our second artificial turf field, designed to be used for football and lacrosse. In addition, the track surrounding the field will be wider, accommodating eight full-size lanes. While some are nostalgic about the loss of natural grass, schools across the country are seeking to install turf football fields because they allow peak playing conditions year-round, and they are easier to maintain, thus limiting the challenges that arise in muddy conditions.

The companies hired to complete this project are leaders in the industry, not only for the excellence of their finished products, but also for their unmatched safety records. Hanbury Evans Wright Vlattas & Company, a Norfolk-based architecture firm, has developed campus plans and projects at an array of colleges and universities nationwide. Locally, the firm designed and built the Ferguson Center for the Arts at Christopher Newport University and the Medical Education and Research Building at Eastern Virginia Medical School. Whiting-Turner, a national leader in the construction industry with more than a century of experience, has built projects in every sector, including higher education, healthcare, and retail. Their work includes Norfolk Academy’s Tucker Arts Center and the Athletic Pavilion, as well as athletic facilities at an array of institutions, including Baylor University, Loyola University Maryland, and The College of William & Mary. We are fortunate to work in partnership with these respected firms.

Of course, the safety of students is our foremost concern. We are working closely with these firms to ensure that safety zones and barricades are clearly marked; we are also ensuring that construction traffic does not interfere with our high-traffic periods during the school day. Quite simply, students will be kept away from the construction sites. While we’re all curious, observation will go on at a distance! We will provide photos on our website and social media to keep everyone in the loop about these exciting changes.

In this “Year of Enthusiasm,” I am both enthusiastic and profoundly grateful for your support of this school. Your commitment to Norfolk Academy enlivens our work every single day. Continue reading

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