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Of course, this is a leadership program, and what we do here coincidentally is to learn how the leading process works, to learn how to carry it out properly, and to learn how to be the most effective leader we can be. This learning process is the byproduct of he system in which we have implemented. In this system we have delegated out many jobs that each person must undertake full heartedly and effectively. These jobs consist of: LEADER- make sure everyone else is doing the jobs properly, THE FACILITATOR- leading group meetings/leading reflection/making sure everyone understands what their roles for the day require. CAMEL- making sure everyone is properly nourished in regards of food and water (we’re still working on this one). SAFETY CZAR (STALIN)- make sure everyone wears the proper gear and (you guessed it) making sure everyone is safe throughout the day. LINGUIST- learns, teaches, and applies at least 5 or more new Chinese words that expand the groups vocabulary and allows each person to be more immersed in the Chinese experience. ENTERTAINER- serves as the “moral thermometer” for the group and lightens the mood when they feel that the group needs it. ALARM CLOCK- makes sure everyone wakes up on time and makes sure that everyone knows when to meet up. SAVIOR- makes sure everyone doesn’t miss anything. Stops at something and allows the group to slow down and reflect on our surroundings. BUS BOY/GIRL- makes sure that everybody cleans up after each other and, especially in the city, serves as a main navigator to our destination. SCRIBE- (what I am doing right now) blogs about the days past events and produces a short paragraph of the highlights. This is just a little something Dan (our SUPREME LEADER) wanted me to do. I hope this really breaks down the whole leadership refinement process and let’s y’all understand our experience here a little better.

Tyler Windsor

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