Exploring Beijing

imageimageI’m back. On June 10 (yes, I understand it is the 15th (We had some trouble)), our group explored the cultural phenomenons which are tianamen square and the forbidden city. First, we ate at a local family style Chinese breakfast spot were we all enjoyed a delicious portion of fried rice, beef and pork dumplings, and also chicken with noodles. After this our very own Zachary Richard Paris, safely navigated us to the staggering yet controversial sight, Tianamen square. Here we saw all the government buildings in which laws are made and also the place where Mao ceding declared the People’s Republic of China. All of us got a group picture with Mao’s infamous, looming portrait that resides over the square.

After this we entered the forbidden city in which we were greeted with a 180 acre palace. Here we found impressive buildings that have been perfectly preserved for thousands of years. While China was an empire, all the emperors resides here. This 180 acre palace was full of peaceful gardens full of a variety of beautiful trees and flowers, impressive buildings which were decorated with solid gold and rare stones, and also opportunities for foreigners to take pictures of us (all in all I have I have been asked 20 times to have my picture taken with some random person). After were finished that, we trekked up to a local Hindu temple which provided an expansive view of the entire city of Beijing along with the forbidden city and other well known landmarks.

Later, we all maneuvered through the subway station to arrive at very high end, almost time squary area in which we were free to explore. All of us went to a nearby food market were some of us enjoyed a nice delicious fried scorpion on a stick (shoutout to Pretlow who ate 3).
As you can tell today was an eventful day filled with many new experiences. With each new event, opportunity, and mile we are getting closer as a group. I am sure as our time here goes on we will become a more worldly, cultured, and well rounded group.

– Tyler

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