Kate Furr ’19

Kate joined the Chesapeake Bay Fellows because of her love for the Bay and my desire to keep it clean. With the Chesapeake Bay being in our own “backyard”, she feels as though it is her duty to do whatever she can to make it, and everything that lives in it, continue to thrive.

This fall, she began a two year project. She began research on everything oysters: how they help clean the Bay, their history culturally and economically, and how they provide food and shelter!  She will share this research with her peers as she begins phase 2 of her project.  At the start of this spring she will purchase spat and grow them in her backyard on the Elizabeth River. She will watch the oysters grow and record how they have made the area of water around it clear!  She will share her findings and research of the oyster growth with the group next year.