Jack Limroth ’19

Jack Limroth  decided to be a fellow because of his true passion for the Chesapeake Bay.  Ever since he was a young boy he has been in and around the Bay.  He enjoys catching fish and crabs out of the wonderful waterway that is the Chesapeake Bay and he can not even imagine what it would be like if people gave up trying to save it.

When he learned of the poor health of the bay, he knew he had to do something which inspired his fall project.  This year he is researching the population of blue crab and Atlantic menhaden, and how human intervention over the past few centuries has negatively impacted the well being of these fish and crustacean populations.  He has narrowed it down two three main aspects:  overfishing, lack of underwater grasses, and the lack of other nutritious foods in the bay which is singling out these two species for prey.