Fellows 2021 – “First Time Out”

The Fellows ’21 joined the Chesapeake Bay Fellows Program officially last week when they joined an all-Fellows retreat from Jan. 25-27, 2018. After a leadership / design challenge at school, we set out for First Landing State Park to assess water quality in the Lynnhaven River (it’s good!). We then took a tour of the Brock Environmental Center at Pleasure House Point, a community / educational center for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. The building is one of the greenest on earth. It produces a surplus of electricity, consumes zero water, and creates no waste. And, by the way, it is comfortable and enjoys a breath-taking view of the Lynnhaven River. We also spent a day on the Eastern Shore of Virginia spending a few hours at Cherrystone Aqua Farms and the Barrier Island Center. The Fellows learned how oysters and clams are farmed, an undertaking that currently sustains 200 workers and produces millions of succulent bivalves for our palates. The Barrier Island Center houses thousands of artifacts from the once populated barrier islands of Virginia’s east coast. The residents were forced to evacuate the islands after they were swept by a series fierce hurricanes in the middle of the 20th century.

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