Fellows’ First Meeting with Dr. John Galler, ’93

On Wednesday, January 18, the fellows met with Mr. John Galler ’93, PHD from Tetra Tech Inc., a company that “provides responsible resource management and sustainable infrastructure services that encompass the full life cycle of solutions.” Mr. Galler discussed in depth many of the projects he has worked on over the years and shared some of the science behind his companies clean up efforts. He left the fellows with some homework to do which he will review with them when he returns to speak with them on Wednesday, February 1. This was a unique opportunity for our students to engage with a true environmental scientist, a man who is on teh front lines of innovative solutions to complex environnmental problem. Mr. Galler also shared how his interest in the environment staretd in Mr. Dave Thomas’ ninth grade environmental science course, which made the experience even more meaningful to our students.

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