Monthly Archives: February 2012

Chesapeake Bay Fellows attend Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s Legislative Reception in Richmond

Pictured above (Left) with Chesapeake Bay Foundation President, Will Baker, are NA Fellows Ellie Randolph, Chris McElroy, and Alana Davitt. On the right, our Fellows are pictured with Delegate Keith Hodges and Senator Ralph Northam. The Fellows were invited by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation to attend their Legislative Reception on February 6, 2012. Fellows spent about two hours speaking with members of Virginia’s General Assembly while they advocated for the Bay.

Fellows meet with Kevin Denson in Leadership Exercise

On Thursday, January 26 the fellows were treated to a presentation from Mr. Kevin Denson, an AP Psychology teacher at First Colonial High School, Nationally recogized high school soccer coach and current NA parent. Mr. Denson spoke with our fellows about how personality type can impact leadership style. Our students took the Myers-Briggs personality test and brought their results to the session. Mr. Denson broke down each component of the test for our students and applied it to leadership theory. Afterwards the students competed in the Marshmallow Challenge, in which they worked in teams to use tape, raw spaghetti and a marshmallow to build a tower with the marshmallow perched on top. Courtney Byler and Alana Davitt defeated the boys, constructing a tower that was 21″ high. The fellows learned team work and how their indivdual personality fed into the group dynamic — they also had a lot of fun! (I will send you guys a couple of pictures to post with this as well!)

Fellows’ First Meeting with Dr. John Galler, ’93

On Wednesday, January 18, the fellows met with Mr. John Galler ’93, PHD from Tetra Tech Inc., a company that “provides responsible resource management and sustainable infrastructure services that encompass the full life cycle of solutions.” Mr. Galler discussed in depth many of the projects he has worked on over the years and shared some of the science behind his companies clean up efforts. He left the fellows with some homework to do which he will review with them when he returns to speak with them on Wednesday, February 1. This was a unique opportunity for our students to engage with a true environmental scientist, a man who is on teh front lines of innovative solutions to complex environnmental problem. Mr. Galler also shared how his interest in the environment staretd in Mr. Dave Thomas’ ninth grade environmental science course, which made the experience even more meaningful to our students.

Chesapeake Bay Fellows — Learning Leadership

The second semester has been full of leadership development opportunities for the cohort of Chesapeake Bay Fellows. Each Wednesday the fellows have gathered to hear about an aspect of LEADING SELF.

On Wednesday, January 11 the fellows met with Sean Wetmore, Director of the Center for Civic and Global Leadership to discuss the “committment continuum”, a concept brought to life by Jeff Janssen, founder and director of the Sports Leadership Center. Mr. Wetmore challenged the fellows to consider their level of commitmemt to the Chesapeake Bay. The continuum challenges students to consider the following levels of committment — resistant, reluctant, compliant, committed and compelled. Our students were asked to follow up with Mr. Wetmore and explain their relative level of committment and how they planned to move towards becoming compelled leaders. Students were also asked to reflect on a talk from first semester by Mr. Howard Hoege, Director of Admissions at the University of Virginia’s Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy and his ecouragement to set goals, then write some tangible goals for the second semester.