’17s Session 2 – Empathy and Efficacy

This morning Coach Bowles lead the ’17s through an exciting activity that reinforced the value of empathy and efficacy while leading change.  The students were broken into four teams and tasked to develop a plan to transport food across a flooded pit.  They were given a set of common material with which to build their transportation method.  As the scenario began Coach Bowles increased the level of stress by asking one member of each team to be blindfolded and another to not speak.  As the time was ticking down she continued to add stress to the scenario by adding constraints, turning off the lights, and removing a team member.

When the time ran out each team reconsolidated and we conducted a great debrief.  The focus of the debrief was centered around how the teams and individuals reacted, involved and communicated with the members who were blindfolded and unable to talk.  The key take-away was how they demonstrated empathy and efficacy of others when placed against a timed stressful task.

The Fellows grew and learned through a great hands-on scenario!  Thanks Coach Bowles for opening our eyes.


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